Ecowasher means a healthier family and a healthier you

EcoWasher® utilizes technology that hospitals and hotels have trusted for decades. It is a detergent-free, sanitizing addition that hooks up to your existing washing machine.


Ozone is Nature’s detergent

Ozone is created in nature by lightning and can be smelled after a storm. It is one of nature’s most powerful oxidizers. Ozone is created by converting Oxygen (O2) into Ozone (O3). Oxidizers are a class of chemicals that break down organic substances. Ozone works for applications in water including water treatment, swimming pools, process water and others and in air for odor control, scrubbing or pollution control.

How is ozone produced?

Ozone Generators are used to “manufacture” Ozone out of one of the most readily-available substances on earth – Oxygen in the air. In fact, Ozone has been called “Enhanced Oxygen” for the simple reason that Oxygen (O2) can be converted to Ozone (O3). Ozone is produced naturally in the upper atmosphere (the Ozone layer) through ultraviolet radiation. As well, lightning will produce Ozone through electrical excitation of Oxygen molecules. Ozone Generators use both forms of producing Ozone. Some generators will use electrical fields (corona discharge) to produce Ozone. Others use ultraviolet lights (UV method) to produce Ozone. Generally, the UV Ozone systems produce a lower concentration of Ozone. Since concentration of Ozone is important, most applications will use Corona Discharge Ozone generators. Since Ozone cannot be stored, it is used as quickly as it is produced. Ozone Generators are used to produce Ozone at the location where it will be used. Ozone Generators come in all sizes, ranging from small DC units used to clean air in your car (not recommended) to large industrial systems used to purify Millions of Gallons per Day of water in municipal water treatment systems. Since they require no inputs other than Oxygen, they are very cost-effective.

simple installation

With a simple 10 minute installation, EcoWasher® makes it easy for anyone to hook up. The unit simply mounts on the wall behind any washing machine. It has one inlet for cold water to enter and one outlet for oxidized water to exit into your washing machine to deep clean your laundry. There are no buttons, dials or settings to press. Once attached to your existing washing machine the EcoWasher® works automatically – just set your dial to cold wash and press start. That’s it.

Ozone: In use for over a century

For the past 100 years, Ozone has been used commercially for odor reduction and water purification. This substance is also a very effective anti-bacterial, germicidal and fungicidal agent. It is classified as an “oxidant” or a substance that converts organic material into their base compounds.

If ozone comes into contact with water vapor during storms it forms hydrogen peroxide. This is why plants flourish better with rainwater than with irrigation water. This is natures way of cleaning our environment. “Natural” ozone concentrations can vary between .01 ppm to .05 ppm, depending on geographic location, altitude and season. The cycle of oxygen and ozone is just like the cycle of water in nature. Ozone is also created by waterfalls, the oceans’ surf and during thunder and lighting storms with concentration levels triple the allowable limit, as set by EPA. Ozone created electronically or through ultra-violet light converts molecules of Oxygen (02) into molecules of Ozone (03). This is sometimes referred to as activated oxygen, triatomic form of oxygen or pure air.

Chemical-free laundry

EcoWasher® utilizes technology that is even stronger and safer than bleach by providing a natural, oxygen enriched wash without poisonous additives. EcoWasher® kills the nasty mold and bacteria that perpetuate what we know as the Sick Laundry Cycle, where your washing machine becomes a bacteria breeding ground.

Save time and money

With up to $700 in savings per year, EcoWasher® eliminates the need for laundry detergent, fabric softener and hot water. The lifespan of your washing machine and clothing is effectively prolonged without these corrosive chemicals.

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