Eco-green building materials

Chicago-based US Gypsum (USG) provides eco-friendly building materials, such as wall, ceiling and floor materials. With over 200 GREENGUARD Certified products, USG boasts a huge variety of eco-friendly products for any project.

Greenguard certified

The UL Environment GREENGUARD Certification program requires compliance to stringent emissions standards that are recognized by sustainable building programs and building codes around the world. GREENGUARD Certification helps consumers choose building materials with lower VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions, which improves indoor air quality.

The full list of USG’s GREENGUARD-certified products can be found here.

Corporate sustainability reports

USG’s approach to sustainability promotes functional as well as corporate responsibility and accountability. USG evaluates and adjusts its production processes and operating efficiencies in order to achieve the best possible ratio of resource consumption to manufacturing and distribution productivity.

USG’s Corporate Sustainability Reports document the company’s dedication to sustainability through manufacturing and providing the most innovative products and services to customers for creating sustainable spaces.

Careful Product selection

Each decision made in the selection and use of raw materials in USG products is based on careful consideration of their environmental effects over time. The aim is to minimize—or eliminate altogether—the possibility of a negative impact on our present and future environment.

The process is intensive and continuous, but it results in the design and production of building components that meet our sustainability criteria: durability, life and product safety and reducing long-term environmental impact.

Visit USG for more product information, and to explore their design studio.