Energy- and cost-efficient insulation for green building

Fox Blocks Insulating Concrete Form Wall Systems provide an extremely energy efficient building envelope offering superior strength, sound, air quality, and well insulated walls. ICF’s are proven energy efficient products that have been well documented to significantly reduce heating and cooling loads in buildings. These products are typically foam stay-in-place concrete forms specified for projects designed to provide high performance building envelope walls.

Because all of the work (design and production) is completed in-house, Fox Blocks are produced more cost effectively and efficiently, which means real savings are passed onto you.

Resource recycling

Airlite, the manufacturer behind Fox Blocks, designed an innovative and earth-friendly method of recycling rejected plastic scraps from their Airlite plants. None of this plastic scrap ever leaves the plant — so the manufacturing of Fox Blocks contributes absolutely zero plastic to landfills.

Instead, the plastic scrap materials are transferred under the same roof to the Recycling Area. While at recycling, the plastic scrap is mechanically ground into flakes, pelletized, and then put through a proprietary process to be remanufactured. This 1st generation recycled plastic is then transferred to the production machine presses, under the same roof to mold Fox Blocks ICF plastic webs and corner brackets. This recycling process means that Airlite can manufacture ICF forms with the lowest carbon footprint possible to ensure Fox Blocks is a sustainable building product, treading as lightly as possible on energy resources.

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