According to a USA Today cover story from December 2016, “4 million Americans could be drinking toxic water and would never know.” Fortunately, there is an alternative to using scarce or contaminated water and cumbersome and non-ecofriendly plastic bottles: the AquaBoy® Pro II air to water generator™.

The AquaBoy® Pro II is a luxury appliance designed to address health, environmental and water quality and availability concerns by providing “purified great tasting water™” made from the air as a solution for single and multifamily homes, offices, break rooms, schools, hotel food services, and other business all over the world.

This global award-winning appliance is a technologically advanced machine that is easy to operate, environmentally friendly and healthy.  It makes water by drawing air through a HEPA air filter and then through food-grade stainless steel chilled coils, thus creating condensation which is collected and processed through the remainder of the 7-stage EZ-Filter™ system. It produces up to 2 to 5 gallons of water per day from the air without chlorine, fluoride, lead, or other harmful ingredients.  It uses none of our rapidly diminishing groundwater resources.  It is also the only air to water generator that is UL Listed.

AquaBoy® products have been recognized internationally by receiving numerous awards including:

  • 2015 Editor’s Choice Award for Best New Product at HX: The Hotel Experience (International Hotel, Motel and Restaurant Show); and
  • 2016 IHA Global Innovation Award in the Kitchen Electrics category at the International Home & Housewares Show.

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About Atmospheric Water Solutions, Inc.
We design and manufacture machines that make purified water from air.  Sizes range from the 2-5 gallon per day appliance up to the 2,600 gallon per day machine, and are scalable by linking units in series.  These machines are well suited for homes and offices, hotels and restaurants, campuses, events, oil and gas facilities, agriculture, mining, military, hospitals, schools, municipalities, humanitarian efforts and areas with no water, or water supply that is limited due to health, scarcity, regulations or other reasons.

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