100% Recycled surfaces for countertops, kitchen & bath, back splashes, wall cladding, flooring and more.

The concept upon which Grenite® products are built is simple: take something worn and old and make it something beautiful, useful and new. For nearly a decade, Grenite has been one of the world’s premier recycled counter. With a unique beauty and durable performance, Grenite has been adopted as the surface material of choice by numerous eco-caring organizations. With three lines of recycled surface materials, Grenite has the right performance and price point for every project surface.

Grenite Recycled Surfaces are perfect for retail, residences, workshops and everywhere else where stone or engineered surfaces are used.

Grenite 1.0 Recycled Surfaces

Grenite 1.0 is Grenite’s finest surface. Improved by using 10 years of development and experience, the 1.0 upgrade is prettier, stronger, and better. Cost competitive with other premium engineered surfaces, Grenite 1.0 delivers 80% recycled content with superior resistance to staining, scratching, scorching and wear and tear in heavy commercial and retail applications.

  • Highest recycled content of any commercially available countertop
  • NSF, Greenguard, Greenguard for Schools certified, Class 1 (A) Fire Rated



Grenite Recycled Glass Surfaces

Built on recycled glass, one of our society’s most common waste products, Grenite Recycled Glass brings performance, luster and beauty to surfaces as it turns trash into a productive product.

Contemporary and trending, Grenite Recycled Glass surfaces rival quartz-based products in performance and cost and is easily fabricated using the standard quartz material tools and techniques.

  • 57%-62% recycled content.
  • NSF, Greenguard, and Greenguard for Schools certified. Class A (1) Fire Rated.

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