Sustainable carpeting and floor coverings

As early as 1900, Milliken was reusing packaging and textile materials in their operations and documented their first recycling policy. By the late 1900’s Milliken developed a comprehensive plan to eliminate waste, increase product performance and preserve resources — years before the first clean air and water acts and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency were formed. By 1960, Milliken had established a more formal environmental policy to reduce their impact on the environment. This stewardship still guides Milliken’s daily choices and influences innovations in product design, raw material selection, manufacturing operations and marketing and merchandising materials.

Sustainable excellence

Sustainability is core to the culture at Milliken, a company that believes a healthy enterprise and healthy earth are vitally linked. The Milliken team cares about and respects each other, their customers, and the world we all share. While Milliken holds themselves accountable to the highest ethical standards, they derive their greatest satisfaction from creating innovations that help solve the worlds’ problems at a human level – adding value to people’s lives, improving health and safety, and making this world sustainable.

Responsible manufacturing

All proprietary equipment is engineered for efficiency. Sensors monitor power and water usage by the second. Milliken products are scrutinized using Life Cycle Analysis against the ISO 14040 Environmental Management Standard before they make it past the drawing board. This ensures that everything they produce meets the highest environmental standard.

Global carbon-negative status

Today, the Milliken family of companies is one of the world’s most responsible manufacturers. They’re carbon negative, thanks to the sustainable management of more than 130,000 acres of trees in Milliken forests, their use of renewable resources and their energy management system that includes internal and third party energy audits and various conservation projects. In fact, all Milliken & Company products are certified carbon neutral, from their textile to chemical products.

Continuous innovation

With the world’s largest private textile research facility, Milliken uses deep science, unique insights and meaningful design to tackle today’s tough issues and concerns. In recent years Milliken researchers have focused on creating innovations that eliminate waste, increase product performance, preserve resources and shorten the journey to sustainability. Innovation is the key driver to delivering products and services that are better solutions for customers, communities, and the environment.


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