Instant and personalized home energy use reports

Want to make your home more energy efficient? There’s an app for that. Energy savings app, Homeselfe, creates a digital mock-up of your home and guides you through the key areas that contribute to your energy bill. Walk through your home and answer questions at your own pace. Once complete, you’ll get Homeselfe’s free, instant report.

HomeSelfe is a product of Energy Datametrics, a leading energy-efficiency technology platform provider to 155 local power companies and reaching 9 million homes.

Tried and true energy savings

Take a ‘HomeSelfe’

The Homeselfe app can perform a free DIY energy audit of your home in as little as 5 minutes. You’ll view this comprehensive evaluation of your home’s current energy use in a personalized report.

Lower your bills

Using your personalized energy report, HomeSelfe will generate a step-by-step plan for lowering your energy bills, finding available rebates, and reducing your environmental impact. Homeselfe shows you how to save in every area of your home and connects you with pros in your area that can help you optimize your home.

The Homeselfe report

Your HomeSelfe report breaks down the energy efficiency of your home, and the priority of energy upgrades.

Get money-saving tips, info on energy rebates, and connect with local contractors who can make your home more friendly for you, the environment—and your wallet!

Visit HomeSelfe for more information about their energy saving app and to get started on your free energy use evaluation.