Water-Efficient Irrigation

Whether you’re installing a new sprinkler system, or servicing an existing one, let K-Rain’s innovative and easy to use irrigation products beautify your landscape!  With a full range of water-conserving sprinklers, sprays, spray nozzles, electric irrigations valves and water-smart controllers, they have your lawn and garden irrigation needs with complete water-efficiency.

The K-Rain Story – “Make it Better”

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to make irrigation equipment, but it can sure be an advantage. Just ask Carl Kah, founder of K-Rain Manufacturing Corporation. The company’s genesis began in the early 1970’s when Carl managed the U.S. Air Force’s reusable rocket engine program in West Palm Beach, Florida. While playing around with his backyard sprinkler system, Carl developed and patented a modulated pressure control concept that was ideally applicable for golf course irrigation.

One patent led to another and today Carl has more than 95 patents specific to the irrigation industry. As the patents multiplied and the company grew, so did the scope of K-Rain’s operation. In 1986, Carl gave his exclusive attention to product design, improvement and innovation and turned the presidency of the company to his son, Chip. Under Chip’s direction, K-Rain has expanded its market and product lines, more than doubling its national and international sales.

Headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida, today more than 250 men and women make up the K-Rain team, including manufacturing facilities in the Dominican Republic and sales offices in China and Europe.

“We love what we do. Everyday we go to work with one thought: Make it better.”
– Carl Kah, Founder

K Rain is doing their part to prepare a greener future for generations to come through their everyday activities:

–  K Rain designs high-quality irrigation products that enable the efficient use of water and water recycling.

–  They evaluate and invest in their manufacturing facilities and processes to continually consume less of the earth’s diminishing resources.

–  They strive for zero waste in all their activities.  From their corporate offices to the factory floor, they promote the recycling of all materials back into nature or the marketplace in a manner that protects human health and the environment.

–  They foster a corporate culture of social and environmental responsibility that includes: volunteering and sponsoring social programs in the communities in which they live and operate; developing a digital strategy that reduces total supply chain paper consumption; developing educational programs for the irrigation industry that promote water recycling and conservation.

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