With a combined 20 years of field experience in rain harvesting between the two owners, the Rain Brothers’ team can provide you with nothing short of quality service. If you’re a DIYer looking to install your own system, they offer only quality, tested products at unbeatable prices, and a volume of resources and technical support to aid your work. If you’re an architect or engineer looking to incorporate a RWH system into your project, they offer extensive design services. If you’re a property owner looking for an install team, they are here to help. From sales to design to service — they are a one-stop shop for everything rainwater.


*Expertise: As licensed Private Water Systems contractors and as ARCSA Accredited Professionals, Rain Brothers has constructed rainwater harvesting systems (RWHS) for, literally, thousands of customers — residential and commercial — during our years in business.

*Passion: They LOVE everything that relates to rainwater harvesting and water.  In fact, they say water is in their blood.  One of the owners — Jonathan Meier — comes from a long line of well-drillers from rural South Dakota (Meier & Sons Well Drilling).  Creating water access has been a way of life for his family for over 80 years, and they are proud to carry on that tradition today.

*Commitment to Local Economy: 80% of our products are manufactured within 150 miles from their shop, and 90% of their products are manufactured in the USA.

*Commitment to Their Customers: They go above-and-beyond to make sure they offer the latest technologies and the most efficient systems to their customers.  Every year they update their product line and their inventory to reflect advances in RWH.  Additionally, they send their staff through extensive training from the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association to make sure they’re all well-informed on new research related to RWH, water purification and filtration, pump technologies, etc.


Rain barrels are the best, fastest, and simplest way to start collecting rainwater for your home. In their 10 years in business, they have seen a lot of “troublesome” designs when it comes to rain barrels and rainwater catchment. They worked long and hard to come up with a good design for making rain barrel construction simple and DIY-friendly. That is why they developed a rain barrel construction and installation kit that allows for its user to construct their very own rain barrel in less than 5 minutes.

Their kit is so effective that This Old House picked one up and developed an online tutorial for making a rain barrel. See their video here.


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