Below you’ll find the Staurt’s exact mission statement. For some of the less well-known concepts, we’ve added links for you to learn more.

  1. Iconic design (first and foremost) … that fits in the neighborhood
  2. Sustainable without aesthetic compromise
  3. Design for a family of five but accommodate guests and large gatherings
  4. Abundant natural light, garden views and outdoor living
  5. Use natural and healthy elements in gracious rooms with a clean, uncluttered, warm and peaceful feeling
  6. Simplify:
    a. Fewer moving parts = less maintenance
    b. Proven vs. bleeding edge = less worry
    c. Fewer annuity costs and more enjoyment
    d. Learn from others but don’t be afraid to be the first when necessary
  7. Reduce, reuse, recycle (demo, materials, construction)
  8. Landscaping:
    a. Low water use but visually stimulating, fragrant and colorful
    b. Employ greywater use and rainwater catchment where feasible
    Learn more: The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Greywater Systems & Why Everyone Should Care About Rainwater Harvesting [Infographic]
  9. Cost:
    a. Not green for the elite
    b. Do better than just optimizing the performance/cost curve by changing the shape of the curve and getting better performance at a lower cost …
    c. … but spend more if you get more (now and on a net present value basis)
  10. Design requirements:
    a. Plan in great detail (measure thrice, cut once) before starting to build
    b. Passive House certification = architect, builder, subs must have training
    Learn more: What Is Passive House Certification?
    c. Net zero site energy use or Net Zero Source Energy Use
    Learn more: What Exactly Is A Net Zero Energy Home? 
    d. Aesthetic and efficient windows and doors
    e. Surpass earthquake design requirements

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