Did you know the average 25×40 foot home roof sheds about 600 gallons of water in one hour of moderate rainfall? In a world where freshwater is a finite, precious resource, it simply doesn’t make sense that systems for capturing rainwater are not the status quo. As Doug Pushard of  HarvestH20 writes, “For millennia, humans used rainwater for a variety of purposes including drinking, washing, and irrigation. When rain falls onto a polluted roadway or roof it becomes contaminated with everything it touches. But before it hits the ground, rainwater is relatively pure. Compared to well water (i.e., groundwater), which is typically very high in minerals, rainwater is cleaner and easier to purify. And unlike the water in lakes and streams (i.e., surface water), rainwater contains no pharmaceuticals, minerals, or pollutants.” Ready to take advantage of future rain storms? Check out this infographic detailing why everyone should care about this issue and how to go about harvesting rainwater yourself.