In 1974, Willie Drake took a small assignment that led him to West Virginia in search of rare American Chestnut among the area’s historic Appalachian barns. Little did he know, this small task would lead to a lifetime of adventures. While combing the mountains for usable wood, Willie realized there was an abundance of beautiful abandoned wood waiting to be reclaimed and reused. Thus, Mountain Lumber Company was born.


For over three decades, Mountain Lumber has traveled the globe searching for rare and beautiful woods within structures that are no longer in use. Every piece of reclaimed wood they mill is hand-selected for its richness in history, character, and beauty before it’s turned over to their experienced craftsmen who de-nail, saw, and kiln dry every board. They leave nothing to waste; they burn their dust to create the energy they use to run their kilns and heat their facilities.

Although their wood selection changes with every new adventure, one thing remains the same, their unyielding dedication to quality and customer service. In addition to an extensive selection of reclaimed products, they also carry a full array of flooring and rough lumber sourced from responsibly managed forests that have been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. By controlling every step of their manufacturing process, Mountain Lumber is able to adapt any of their products to suit your projects needs. For fast installation, they offer custom pre-finishing and engineered alternatives for all Mountain Lumber floors. Anything you can imagine, they can create.

Prefinished Antique Oak Herringbone


Reclaimed Antique Mantel


Reclaimed Distressed Oak Countertop


Ancient Chinese Elm


Custom Talc Finish

Granary Oak


 They believe every floor should be unique. That is why they custom-make our reclaimed and newly-sawn floors. Their expert prefinishing team will hand texture and custom finish your floor to create any desired look.
Their in-house manufacturing gives them the flexibility to adapt any product to suit all projects. For fast installation, They offer custom pre-finishing and engineered alternatives for all Mountain Lumber floors.
Mountain Lumber provides a wide array of accents and millwork to compliment their floors including reclaimed beams, stair treads, mantels, and countertops. Like their flooring, their millwork is produced to the very highest standards.

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