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Composit recycled wood cabinets are the perfect combination of stunning aesthetics and eco-green appeal. Since the 1960s in the Pesaro furniture district of Italy, the team behind the magic of Composit has been working to perfect their cabinetry and sustainable business practices. With product collections for every space and every style and non-toxic, recycled materials, Composit recycled wood kitchen cabinets are the perfect addition to any eco-friendly kitchen.

Recycled Wood Kitchen Cabinets elemental green

A Family Business

Composit’s history and family ties are their strength. Since 1960 with the Belligotti brand name and later in 1974 with the Composit brand name, the Belligotti family has improved its “know-how” and has transformed its love for raw materials and passion for hand-craftsmanship into an industrial business.

This passion is alive and well today, in a brand new global scenario where they are fully involved, giving to the Italian cabinetry craftsmanship an internationally-renowned brand name.

Artisanal Integration

Artisanal culture persisting within the industrial process: this is the key factor that makes it possible to understand the value added by the design culture, knowledge of materials, and ability to execute.

Pro-Environmental Efforts

Composit uses the Idroleb panel, the only panel made of 100% recycled wood and with nearly undetectable formaldehyde emissions. Idroleb is a revolutionary material, a perfect synthesis of environmental safeguarding and customer care.

Only FSC-certified paper and paper products are used in the Composit factory. Composit takes pride in knowing that all of the paper products they utilize come from sustainably-managed forests.

The Composit factory adheres to rigid waste separation standards to ensure that no re-usable product is wasted. As a result, nearly 90% of products are re-used and recycled — keeping the amount of waste to an absolute minimum.

Composit knows that responsible packaging choices have to “come from the top,” at the beginning of the manufacturing process. All packaging used for Composit products is recycled, recyclable, or both, minimizing waste from producing new packaging materials and recycling old ones.

All production at the Composit factory is heavily centered around water conservation and smart use of water resources.

Composit takes special care in the finishing division of its factory. Only top-of-the-line, non-toxic paints and finishes are used, ensuring that Composit products are as healthy and safe as possible while still being of utmost quality.

Featured Composit Recycled Wood Kitchen Cabinets Collection: Mood

A project characterized by a deep emotional impact that conquers at first sight.

Recycled Wood Kitchen Cabinets elemental green

Mood is a kitchen thought for the young at heart, an excellent balance between price and quality. Mood makes use of the expressive potential of contrasting materials in some surprising ways. It proposes a new door with one inclined edge, which allows the door opening by means of a recessed handle profile, and an innovative but inviting colour palette with wood-look heat-treated L.P. laminates.

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