For both homeowners and the enterprise, ORBITAL SYSTEMS is redefining eco-luxury.

Without compromising on pressure or temperature, ORBITAL SYSTEMS has used Space-Certified nano-technology to build the revolutionary Shower of the Future that uses only 10% of the water and 20% of the energy required by conventional showers. The result? Cleaner water and greater pressure, giving you a blissful shower experience that saves on water, energy, and cost.

ORBITAL SYSTEMS is redefining an every-day experience, and crafting a new sustainable paradigm through ground-breaking technologies. An eco-conscious home shouldn’t come at the expense of convenience, luxury, or your pocket. Shower of the Future delivers just that.


A shower tray that is integrated in the floor. The preferred solution for remodeling and total makeovers.


A stand alone shower cabin that is perfect for retrofitting. Just plug in water and electricity and you are good to go!

ORBITAL SYSTEMS is a cutting edge tech company headquartered in Sweden with operations in USA and Germany.

Their mission is to create a new paradigm in daily water usage through their patented technology that enables one of the world’s most efficient showers, saving up to 90% of the water and 80% of the energy, while at the same time increasing comfort and hygiene.


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