Why Bamboo

  • From a forestry standpoint, bamboo can be grown with no added fertilizers, pesticides or irrigation and can sequester up to 70% more carbon per year than a hardwood forest.
  • Moso bamboo has an optimal five-year growth cycle and is selectively harvested by hand, eliminating heavy equipment that can impact habitat.
  • Bamboo can be harvested without the need to replant, as it naturally regenerates annually.
  • Due to a rhizome root structure, bamboo has the ability to hold loose soil in place, preventing erosion.
  • Bamboo is a rapidly renewable and readily available alternative source of material for a wide range of applications.

Environment and Sustainability

From the beginning, Smith & Fong has been dedicated to sustainability. The company makes its decisions based on quality, design, and social and environmental considerations. Smith & Fong believes that profit is the byproduct –not the product– of a job well done.

The company believes in the natural sustainability of bamboo forestry and the harvesting practices developed over centuries of experience. To validate the legitimacy of its forestry practices, in 2008 Smith & Fong became the first American bamboo company to establish an FSC source for its bamboo.

Smith & Fong was also the first in its industry to establish, in 2007, a formaldehyde-free bamboo manufacturing program. Today it offers all its bamboo flooring products as either ULEF, a higher standard than the industry-accepted CARB Phase II, or FloorScore-certified.

Stiletto Strand Bamboo Flooring

One of Smith & Fong’s more popular offerings in bamboo flooring, Plyboo Stiletto®, is the strongest and most durable addition to its bamboo line of floors. Stiletto is manufactured to be three times harder than traditional red oak flooring, making it perfect for both residential and retail applications. With click-lock technology, Stiletto is easy to install and can be glued down or floated over the PlybooQuiet® or PlybooFit® underlayment system. Stiletto installed using either the PlybooQuiet and PlybooFit underlayment systems can greatly reduce fatigue from long periods of standing and abate noise, creating a more comfortable environment. Stiletto’s brushed surface and palette of 10 proprietary stains and finishes add elegance and style to any space. All Stiletto floors meet Cal. Section 01350 and are both FloorScore-certified as well as FSC®-certified 100% bamboo.


Plyboo Edge Grain Bamboo Flooring

Still one of the most popular alternatives to hardwood flooring, Plyboo edge grain bamboo flooring, with its clean, linear look, works well in both residential and commercial environments. Offered in Amber, Natural and Luminous Grey, these floors are protected with a durable, long-lasting polyurethane finish. Also offered in FSC-certified 100% bamboo, Plyboo floors all meet the ULEF or Cal. Sec. 01350 indoor air quality standards.


Plyboo Flat Grain Bamboo Flooring

Plyboo flat grain or the traditional look of bamboo flooring comes in Natural or Amber and captures the organic aesthetic of the bamboo culm. With well-pronounced nodes, or “bamboo knots”  throughout the surface of the flooring plank, this is the look that started the bamboo revolution more than 25 years ago. Still a popular finish with designers and homeowners, this floor is available in FSC-certified 100% bamboo and meets the ULEF indoor air quality standards, a higher standard than CARB Phase II. It is then coated with a durable, long lasting poly finish.




Durapalm sugar and coconut palm flooring enhances any interior with the exotic touch of the tropics. Durapalm comes in a wide range of colors, tones, and textures from a deep, rich mahogany to a sun-bleached rustic.  Durapalm flooring is manufactured to a ULEF or Cal. Sec. 01350 indoor air quality standard and protected with a durable, long-lasting poly finish. Smith & Fong’s palm lumber is sourced from reclaimed plantation-grown palms that have passed their nut bearing years or from other sustainable sources. Smith & Fong is committed to reducing environmental impact and supporting sustainability in its source and supply chains. It’s no wonder this striking line is a top seller with architects, designers, and homeowners.

Visit Plyboo to see their full line of bamboo flooring.