Combimix products are engineered to make a project run smoothly and last longer. The revolutionary Calcium Aluminate Technnology found in Combimix cement-based products offers extraordinary jobsite performance and long-term durability, outperforming traditional Portland cement-based floor prep products in nearly every way.



Combimix relies on GreenGuard for independent testing and verification to ensure their products meet the highest standards. The GreenGuard Certification program test for more than 2000 individual chemicals that can cause headaches and dizziness, trigger asthma and allergies, and over the long term, may cause reproductive and developmental problems, neurological disorders, heart disease and cancer. GreenGuard Indoor Air Quality Certified products are recognized and specified by the nation’s leading environmental organizations.

The combomix advantage

  • Single Primer System – one primer for all products.
  • Installs over all grade levels of concrete.
  • Virtually no scarifying or shotblasting required.
  • Installs directly over adhesive residue and gypsum-based surfaces.
  • Can be installed on wood, metal, terrazzo, adhesive residue, gypsum or light weight concrete, exterior concrete.
  • Simply Sweep, Vacuum, Prime, and Pour.

Combimix Products

  • Self-Leveling Underlayments
  • Patching and Skimcoating
  • Industrial / Decorative Toppings
  • Primer and Accessories

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