Your investment in your home is one of the largest investments you’ll make in your lifetime. Whether you’re building a new home or renovating your existing one, choosing the right window can make all the difference – in comfort, protection, and energy savings.


Bringing natural light into our environments is instinctual. Depending on the time of year, bright sunlight warms us and makes our homes welcoming. During the summer months, that light can be invasive and harsh, causing uncomfortable heat gain that we battle with increasing reliance on air conditioning. The energy bills for many homes peak during both summer and winter months.

RavenWindow gives you a great alternative. RavenWindow smart glass windows respond daily to changing climactic conditions. During summer’s high temperatures, they darken to automatically reduce heat, glare, and unwanted solar heat gain. In winter, they let a maximum amount of light and warmth in. RavenWindow can also be customized during manufacturing to meet the needs of a climate zone. RavenWindows will increase your comfort level, while decreasing your energy bills.

Once RavenWindows are installed, you’ll have a reliable, no-maintenance approach to managing your energy costs. Your home heating and air conditioning equipment will enjoy a longer life as the demands on it decrease. No special installation, equipment, or electrical connection is necessary. RavenWindows respond automatically to the outside temperature, blocking UV wavelengths, reducing sun damage, and reducing exposure to the sun’s harmful rays. With a 30-year design life and an average of a 30% reduction in energy use, your RavenWindows will pay for themselves.

Technology That Makes All the Difference

RavenWindow transitioning technology is at the heart of our smart windows. It’s simple: the RavenWindow thermochromic filter is applied to the inside surface of the exterior glass pane of a double pane window. An air chamber separates the filter from both the interior glass pane and the standard Low-E coating. Together, it’s an unbeatable combination to keep buildings energy efficient year round.

The filter activates when the exterior glass temperature rises above the transition temperature point. The window then transitions to its tinted state, blocking solar heat from entering, minimizing glare, UV degradation and reducing the load on mechanical systems. During cooler months when solar gain is desired to help heat the building, the filter remains clear to let warming rays and light in.

It all happens automatically, with no manual adjustments or controls, additional wires or electricity. Once RavenWindows are installed, they’re ready to work. Whether you need a custom design for a new structure or retrofitting for existing windows, RavenWindow technology is the sustainable solution you’ve been looking for.

Every RavenWindow is Smart

Smart is built right into every RavenWindow, along with high performance. The thermochromic filter applied inside the glass unit during manufacturing is ready to perform as soon as your windows are installed. Because the filter responds directly to solar heat, your windows start saving energy from the first day of installation. As soon as the exterior temperature reaches the transition temperature, the window changes to a tinted state and remains tinted until the temperature drops to the clear state threshold. RavenWindow requires no programming or control settings – That’s the beauty of solar-intuitive technology.

Blocking solar gain in summer, allowing in the sunlight you crave in winter – how smart is that?


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