Your Project is Unique.   It Deserves a Unique Green Roof.

Green roofs aren’t one size fits all. That’s why LiveRoof’s experienced local representatives evaluate, recommend and grow vegetated roof systems and plants based on the specific site conditions of your green roof project.

LiveRoof is the proven, patented hybrid green roof system, installed on millions of square feet and over a thousand projects worldwide.  Building owners trust LiveRoof because they stand by their products, which provide the best overall value for the life of the vegetated roof. With 20 growing locations in the US and Canada, they are committed to sustainable, local production and providing industry best customer service.


LiveRoof systems offer a variety of plant options, with four system depths (of 2.5″ to 8″). They have a broad catalog of RoofTop Proven™ plant selections, many of which were bred and selected specifically for the rigors of a rooftop environment.

They have developed a patented “hybrid” modular system which combines the best features of all existing types of vegetative roofing. LiveRoof provides the natural function and natural beauty of “built in place” living roof systems, but without the extensive ongoing costs of maturation. LiveRoof offers the speed of installation of modules but without grid lines or compartmentalization of soil. LiveRoof systems offer the prevegetation of carpet or sod-like green roof systems but with a broader plant palette and without the need for excessive watering and maintenance required by mat systems (for establishment).


LiveRoof® is the only modular green roof system that uses Soil Elevator™ and Moisture Portal™ technology to unite the entire soil continuum, making it unique as the proven, patented hybrid green roof system.

Natural Function
Their green roof system’s hybrid design allows for the natural sharing of water, nutrients, and beneficial organisms across the entire rooftop strata. It also minimizes hot, wet, and dry zones, and avoids compartmentalizing the growing medium into unnatural ‘grids’ as is the case with other modular systems.

By not compartmentalizing the soil into ‘grids,’ LiveRoof functions as nature intended.

Natural Beauty  
The aesthetic advantages of LiveRoof are significant, and during spring, summer, fall or winter, LiveRoof® looks like a beautiful meadow. Depending upon design, other systems may look man-made, especially during the dormant season.

LiveRoof is an Instant Green Roof
Each LiveRoof module arrives to the job site with fully grown plants inside the container and is simply set in place on the rooftop.  The unique patent-pending Soil Elevators™ are then removed for a seamless fit.  No need to start with a brown roof and farm it for years, hoping and waiting for it to become a green roof.

Local Expertise
With over 20 accredited Green Roof Professionals (GRP) in their grower and sales network, the LiveRoof’s outstanding product design is backed by unsurpassed expertise and customer service.

Satisfied Owners
Call your Local Licensed Grower today for a free demonstration, green roof tour, and references to local satisfied owner references.

Subterranean Module
Gives a meadow-like look with no ‘grid’ lines.  It also protects the module itself from photodegradation.

RoofTop Proven™ Plants
LiveRoof systems are locally grown under care of professional horticulturists, who select RoofTop Proven plant mixes suitable to each project.  Many of the plants in the systems are exclusively breed, selected and developed for performance in the rigors of a rooftop environment.

Wind-Tested and Proven
LiveRoof was the first system to undergo full-scale wind uplift testing and to receive a wind-uplift rating.  The patent-pending WindDisc system provides additional protection against uplift in wind-challenged areas such as the corners and perimeter of tall buildings and in coastal, hurricane-prone regions.

RoofTop Proven™ Soil
The industry’s best engineered soil, expected to last indefinitely.

LiveRoof modules can be custom cut to create natural looking green roofs with sweeping curves and full vegetation from parapet to parapet.  Other modular systems offer considerably less flexibility around drains, at edges, and cannot be used on curved applications without creating large gaps.

The LiveRoof System is scalable to any size of project.  Their green roofs are just as good planted by the acre for warehouse-scale installation as it is for precisely-patterned boutique installations.  Their licensed growers are enthusiastic about every project, big or small, simple or complex.

No Air Gaps Between Modules
Uninterrupted continuum of soil eliminates air gaps for optimal R value, cooling value, and stormwater absorption.

No Coco-Fiber
No imported coconut fiber (coir) between modules or under soil means that water isn’t wicked away and there is true soil to soil contact.  Coir products generally hold their form for at least five years and may take up to 20 years to biodegrade.

Proper Roof Top Drainage
LiveRoof keeps the roof dry with drain channels that disperse water at 7.0 gallons per minute per linear foot.

Save on Maintenance Costs
With fully grown plants acting as a “living mulch,” LiveRoof dramatically cuts down the time and money traditionally required to maturate and maintain a green roof grown from plugs, tiles or cuttings. Most LiveRoof systems can be maintained in just a few minutes when attended to every two weeks.

LiveRoof Brings a Multitude of Advantages

LiveRoof System Other Systems
Instantly Mature/Instantly Beautiful
Delivered 95% prevegetated
Always Variable
Successful Track Record Yes Variable
Saves years of intensive and costly rooftop maintenance
Extremely Low
Maintenance &
Predictable Costs
Variable Maintenance &
Weed Prevention
Established plantings are the best means for preventing weed encroachment
High Level of
Weed Prevention
Variable Level of
Weed Prevention
Resistance to Wind Erosion Optimal
Day of Installation
Evaporative Cooling
Reduces indoor temperature 6 to 8 degrees during warm/hot weather and can reduce air-conditioning costs 25 to 50%
Day of Installation
LEED Points
Enhances LEED ratings in many categories
Maximum Variable
Backed by Team of Leading Horticulturists Yes ??
Installed by Certified Installers Yes Variable
Meets Customer Expectation
Well-established plants and roots mean an instantly functional green roof
Yes Variable
Overall Value
Saves time and money traditionally required to develop and maintain a green roof grown from plugs, seeds, or cuttings
High Value &
Predictable Costs
Total System Cost
Over first five years
No Suprises

NOTE: The success and appearance of any modular or other green roof system is dependent upon numerous factors such as the designer’s specification, user’s adherence to specified maintenance, specific variations in plant type, planting density, and adherence to proper installation.

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