Red Box

This renovation designed by Jeremy Levine was a two-story addition on top of a one-story home. It plays with the sense of gravity by suspending the heavy mass of the red smooth stucco box on top of the slatted wood screens. The wood screens slide across the facade on a steel track to allow the occupants to modulate the sunlight, cutting down the solar heat gain. The project utilizes passive and active green technology to integrate the house with its environment

The Red Box, which contains the master bedroom suite, balances on a steel frame which cantilevers over the hillside. It is supported by a steel frame and is oriented to look across the city to the Griffith Observatory. The house uses mobile sun shades and passive cooling tower for passive climate control. The ceilings and doors are made of recycled lumber.

Project Name: Red Box

Project Type: 2 story addition to one story home

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Designer: Jeremy Levine design

Living Room

The structural steel of the moment frame is exposed in the interior like a pair of modern columns. The vaulted ceiling is recycled douglas fir. Large shaded openings encourage passive cooling and cross ventilation.

Built-in Shelving

The thick walls were carved to create recessed shelving and lights.



Home office

The sliding glass doors open to an interior pocket courtyard filled with bamboo. The ceiling is recycled lumber. The door is built from recycled lumber from the demolition of parts of the old house, whose materials were re-used through-out the project.

Front deck

Mobile sun shades control the Southern light and lower the solar gain.


Materials: Ceasar Stone, black Chinese Slate, White Thassos marble.

Recycled material – We took broken Thassos marble, cut it into 4″x8″ subway tiles, and then tumbled it, creating a soft, tactile, powdery surface of smooth edges and de-saturated color.


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Photos courtesy Jeremy LevineCC BY 2.0