Why Build a Green Home?

23 Green Certifications to Look For When Building or Remodeling Your Home

When you’re doing a green building project or starting the research for one the amount of information about products can be overwhelming. Many of the terms related to eco-friendly construction might be totally new to you and leave you bewildered, and scratching your head. We compiled this list of green certifications to help you navigate the world of green building.

18 Inexpensive Sustainable Homes Almost Anyone Can Afford

According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost of having a new house built in the US was $310,562 in 2022. Clearly, this can vary A LOT depending on what choices you make, and there are A LOT of choices. If you’re looking for a less expensive, easier to design, and more sustainable home, check out these 18 alternatives.

8 Essential Questions to Ask Before Buying a Green Home

New products and technologies and innovative design are bumping up the eco-factor in many homes across the country, but are all green homes created equal? Of course not. That's why it's extra important to know your stuff before making any offers.

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