ThermaSteel Corporation is a leading innovator of “Build Green Structural Insulated Panels”, using Steel and EPS (both 100% Recyclable). The panels have passed tests conducted by the Florida Hurricane Test Lab. The company manufactures foundation, floor, wall, roof and ceiling panels for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

The power of composite technology gives you greater advantages: higher “R” values due to thermal efficiency resulting in significantly reduced utility costs, fast erection, high wind resistance, very little job site material waste, exceptional strength characteristics and consistent quality.

Their panels complete four functions in one, fast, high-tech step: framing, insulation, sheathing, and vapor barrier. Window and door rough openings can be premolded as well. The system is used for floors, interior and exterior walls, ceilings, and roofs. ThermaSteel has ICC-ES, ICBO, BOCA, SBCCI and HUD approvals. It has also passed the Miami-Dade County, Florida, USA protocols at the Hurricane Test Lab.

Now maybe you’re thinking that this sounds great, but probably would cost too much for you. Think no further. Thermasteel™, with all these benefits, will not cost you extra money but, in fact, will save you extra money before, during and years to come after the construction.

You save with qualifying energy-star mortgage rates. You save in labor and construction costs. You then save on energy bills as long as you live in your new ThermaSteel™ house. With the new zero-energy housing you can even eliminate the energy bills altogether.

Learn more by reading through their manuals, and case studies. Check out the potential for LEED points and zero energy homes built with ThermaSteel™ technology.

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