Tips for Greening Your Landscape

Tips for Greening Your Landscape

Rebecca Moses writing for Groom+Style offers these insights on sustainable landscaping.


How to be Environmentally Responsible in Your Own Backyard


Environmental responsibility can start with the framework of your landscaping by using sustainably-sourced plants and materials, and eco-friendly gardening options. 

Planning eco-measures right into your landscape will make it much easier to continue implementing these sustainability procedures in the long run.

Find and plant trees, flowers, and shrubs native to your region, as opposed to foreign grasses and plants that are difficult to maintain, or plants that may be an invasive species in your yard.

If you’re willing to have a few small animals in your yard, use plants such as barrier hedges to create habitats for creatures.

The use of hardscapes as opposed to turf for outdoor gathering spaces can greatly reduce water usage across your yard.

Use environmentally friendly materials such as permeable pavers for your landscapes.

Recycle biodegradable materials such as newspapers and paper bags into layers of garden mulch.

Reduce or avoid chemicals altogether. According to the EPA, water runoff from our yards is the cause of 70 percent of America’s water pollution.

Use a reel mower or leave your clippings on the ground for your grass to break down when mowing the lawn.


For more on How to Bring Great Landscaping to Your Home, check out the full article on Groom+Style



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