TruStile Eco-Friendly Doors

When it comes to green building, doors are an essential project detail. TruStile offers doors are built with environmentally-friendly materials and sustainable manufacturing practices. Whether you choose their high-quality MDF doors for painted applications or require the richness of natural wood, TruStile has 3rd-party certified Green doors that fit your needs and qualify for Green building program credits.


Recycled-Content MDF Doors

MDF is comprised of recycled post-industrial wood products. Materials such as sawdust, wood shavings, and hog wood are broken down into cellulose fibers. For super-refined MDF, the fibers are processed again to further remove impurities and for more uniformity. These fibers are then mixed with resin and compressed to form MDF sheets

The majority of TruStile MDF doors are made of post industrial recycled content. This allows you to achieve Green building objectives without compromising quality, style or design flexibility.

  • 3rd-party certified by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) to be constructed of a minimum of 69 percent recycled content
  • Contributes to LEED® credits under the Materials and Resources category
  • Manufactured with low-emitting adhesives and primer
  • TruStile uses only a very fine grade of super-refined MDF that makes their doors more durable and longer-lasting than lower grade MDF doors and hollow core alternatives
  • Available in TruStile’s 400+ door styles and with 40 decorative glass options

No-Added Formaldehyde MDF Doors

Although TruStile’s standard MDF doors are low emitting and meet CARB (California Air Resources Board) and ANSI(American National Standards Institute) standards for formaldehyde emissions, some homeowners and building professionals demand no-added formaldehyde products. TruStile answers this demand with a no-added formaldehyde MDF option that contains no urea-formaldehyde resin.

  • Manufactured with low-emitting adhesives
  • Contributes to LEED credits for recycled content in the Materials and Resources category
  • Contributes to LEED credits for Low-Emitting Materials in the Indoor Environmental Quality category
  • Same superior performance and short lead times as our standard MDF doors
  • Available for a reasonable up-charge on any MDF door style



FSC Certified Wood Doors

If you want to ensure that your wood doors are environmentally-responsible, FSC certification is the answer. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is the most widely recognized and accepted global organization that certifies that wood products meet the highest social and environmental standards on the market.

TruStile’s wood door product line has undergone an extensive FSC audit that verified their doors fulfill all qualifications for the “FSC Mixed Sources” certification. This means their product has been verified to contain only raw materials from well-managed forests, controlled sources and recycled wood or fiber. With this certification, 100% of the value of a TruStile door contributes to the certified wood LEED credit under the Materials and Resources category. This is a significant advantage for LEED buildings seeking to achieve this credit.

TruStile offers most species of doors FSC certified for a nominal fee that is added to their standard door price. This is a significant value when compared to other manufacturers that either don’t offer FSC certified doors or charge significant up charges for FSC certified product.

Low VOC Adhesives and Primer

All TruStile doors are built using very low VOC glues that contain less than 5g/L VOCs. This low level of VOC emissions meets all major Green building standards for low VOC interior adhesives. To put this in perspective, LEED’s Adhesives and Sealants credit requires that adhesives used in the interior of the building on wood substrates must not exceed 30 g/L. Although doors are not eligible for this specific LEED credit, the glue in our doors contains 80% less VOCs than this LEED requirement.

All TruStile MDF doors receive a water based prime coat prior to shipment that meets major Green building standards for low VOC primers, with a VOC content of less than 64g/L.


Responsible Manufacturing

TruStile understands that Green is about more than just their product. It is a manufacturing philosophy that influences the way they do business. TruStile utilizes Lean Manufacturing practices to make extremely efficient use of their manufacturing space and their raw materials. This results in a smaller operation that minimizes waste and environmental impact.

TruStile also recycles their waste to minimize their landfill impact. The majority of the waste resulting from their operation is ground up into wood chips that are donated to agricultural partners that use it to create energy for their operations. This reclamation process has reduced TruStile’s landfill waste by 65 percent and also results in fewer waste pick ups, which means fewer fossil fuel burning trucks on the road.

TruStile is dedicated to the continual search for ways to improve the sustainability of our manufacturing process.


Guaranteed to Last a Lifetime

All TruStile MDF and wood doors are manufactured to the highest quality craftsmanship standards and are backed by lifetime warranties against defects in workmanship and materials. This guarantees that your doors will last for the lifetime of your home or building and is a true sign of sustainability. It is also a significant advantage over other lower quality door products that usually carry warranties of one year or less.


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