Shipping Container Home

Curious about how you can make your dream home out of shipping containers? Here’s an example of the magic that can be made with a couple of recycled shipping containers.

It may look modest from the outside, but the inside is a modern, green dream home. See how this architect turned two reclaimed containers into a beautiful, eco-friendly small house:

Living Room Opens up to the Outside

The clever design makes use of the original shipping container doors to create an indoor/outdoor living room. A generous deck area expands the useable space. The finished product embraces the reclaimed origins of the shipping container, complete with serial numbers and logos. 

Rustic Yet Modern

There is a modern look and feel combined with a rustic reclaimed vibe. Also, the exposed beams combine the two containers to create a contiguous flow and pull the two containers together to create one awesome home.

This design was originally covered on TinyHouseTalk. Visit their site to see more inspiration and even find plans to build your own.

Photo credits Price Street Projects


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