Beautiful wood finishes, durable and safe

Vermont Natural Coatings patented PolyWhey® technology has emerged as a new category of wood finish; delivering easy-to-use products that have established some of the highest performance and environmental standards.

Vermont Natural Coatings uses whey protein, a byproduct of cheese making, to displace toxic ingredients found in traditional finishes. PolyWhey® floor and furniture finishes and their new Exterior Penetrating Stain and Water Proofer, are the choice of professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike.

Interior Floor and Furniture Finishes

Professional quality with unprecedented performance

  • Twice the hardness of other finishes
  • Seals and protects against water and chemicals
  • Clear finish enhances wood grain without yellowing
  • Easy, single product application
  • More coverage—500-600 sq ft per gallon
  • Fast drying— three coats in a day
  • Easy cleanup with soap and water
  • Complies with requirements of Material Resource Credit 4.1
  • Environmental Quality Credit 4.2 under LEED
  • Safe for people pets & the environment
  • Neutral Odor
  • Low VOC

A better wood finish – naturally

With PolyWhey, you don’t have to choose between a wood finish that is durable, professional grade, and green. Vermont Natural Coatings’ next generation polyurethane has established high performance and environmental standards.

Exterior products

Vermont Natural Coatings Exterior Wood Finishes deliver outstanding protection for exterior wood surfaces like siding, decking and furniture. Choose from their Exterior Penetrating Stains that include UV protection, sealer and attractive colors or Exterior Penetrating Water Proofer Infused With Juniper for moisture, mold and mildew protection while allowing wood to gray/age naturally.

  • Easy application
  • Safe for people, pets & the environment
  • Water proofer safe over water for docks
  • Low or no VOC
  • The most effective water proofer available

PolyWhey Wood finish technology

PolyWhey® uses whey proteins instead of toxic ingredients found in traditional wood finish. The result is a lasting, beautiful finish that is safe for people, pets and the environment.

PolyWhey® has emerged as new wood finish technology; harnessing the power of whey protein, a byproduct of cheese making, to deliver a durable, beautiful finish that has established some of the industry’s highest performance and environmental standards. Polymerized whey proteins provide strong cross-linking compared to wood finishes.


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