The leader in water management

Since 1972, NDS has been one of the top choices of professionals and homeowners for stormwater management, landscape irrigation, and water flow management.

Today, NDS is the industry’s primary source for solutions in Storm Water Management, Efficient Landscape Irrigation, and Flow Management Valves for the residential and commercial markets. NDS remains dedicated to manufacturing products that feature superior performance, durability, are easy to install and widely available. These features have made NDS a trusted and knowledgeable partner in water management solutions both domestically and internationally. They provide their customers with exceptional service and support that allows them to solve their water management problems.

Residential Drainage Solutions

NDS is the leader and innovator in residential drainage solutions. For 45  years, NDS has been steadfast in their commitment to deliver high quality, state of the art and easy to install products that solve the unique drainage problems of their customers. 95% of all homes in the United States have a drainage problem so you are not alone. NDS’s goal is to help you Put Water in Its Place!

NDS solutions are easy to install and provide the most effective means to address your specific drainage problem. NDS also provides you with the know-how and support needed to complete the project successfully.

Components of NDS residential stormwater systems include Channels Drains for hardscapes, Catch basins & Grates for downspouts and low spots in the landscape, Dry WellsFrench Drains for subsurface drainage, and Pop-Up Emitters to discharge excess water as mandated by local regulations.


Landscape irrigation solutions

With drought conditions on the rise and a growing number of utilities offering incentives for products that reduce water usage, water conservation is becoming an increasingly higher priority for homeowners, municipalities, and corporations nationwide. To meet these needs, NDS offers a full range of efficient landscape irrigation products that offer drought-friendly solutions to save water and time while improving the look of a landscape.

The NDS Professional Irrigation line of efficient drip and micro-irrigation products offers complete, system-oriented watering solutions for the green industry. Product offerings include drip emitters, multi-outlet bubblers, micro-sprays, misters, tubing, fittings, stakes, regulators, valve, and filters. These drip irrigation and related efficient irrigation products can cut water usage by up to 70 percent.

What is drip irrigation?

Drip irrigation applies water slowly and directly to the root zone, conserving water and minimizing plant stress. The root zone is kept moist but never saturated with water. The end result is that the plant always maintains the ideal balance between water and air.

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