Passive home windows in a variety of styles


Zola Windows is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of European windows in the U.S. Zola’s line of passive windows and doors includes lift & slide doors, Breeze Panels, entry doors, glass doors, large glass projects including CornerGlass, and a variety of window options.

Zola’s exhaustive lineup ensures that they have an outstanding solution for every project. Zola designs and manufactures aluminum clad wood windows, steel windows, historic wood windows, aluminum windows, and uPVC windows. This way they can help with almost any project, whether you are replacing a few windows or building your dream home.

What is Passive House?

Passive House is a quickly emerging standard that requires buildings to use an extremely small amount of energy for their heating and cooling needs. This method was first developed in Germany and has since spread throughout Europe and North America. Passive Houses are very well-insulated and virtually airtight. These buildings require extremely low amounts of energy for heating and cooling. Heating requirements are primarily satisfied through passive solar gain and the energy produced by people and electrical equipment. The Passive House method of construction has the potential to dramatically reduce society’s energy consumption, and therefore radically reduce our carbon emissions.

What is a Passive House Window?

Most energy-conserving windows fall into the catagory of double glazed windows. Zola’s passive house windows have three panes of glass, significantly increasing the insulating power. Passive Houses must be extremely air-tight and well-insulated, and it is impossible to achieve this in a building without extremely well crafted windows.

Passive House windows are:

  • Airtight
  • Highly insulating
  • Available with high SHGC glass

Whole house window and door packages

Zola provides window and door packages for the entire project, including entrance doors, tilt and turn windows and our BreezePanel TM folding window walls.

Experience and Reliability

With hundreds of completed projects and satisfied customers from coast-to-coast, Zola is the leading provider of European windows and doors in North America. The Zola team of sales, architectural and service professionals is headquartered in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. They work closely with their customers to ensure a smooth and successful implementation of their passive house windows and doors in projects near and far– whether it’s in Colorado, in an urban locale like New York City, or beyond.

Passive House Benefits:

  • Extremely energy efficient, using up to 90% less energy for heating/cooling than conventional buildings
  • Very comfortable due to more uniform interior temperatures
  • Increasingly popular with proven results: over 15,000 Passive House buildings (including single family and multi-family houses, schools, and office buildings) have been built in Europe already with many projects in the U.S. already completed
  • Outstanding indoor air quality due to a continuous supply of fresh air
  • Reduced carbon footprint through reduced energy consumption

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