Recycling Process

According to market research, the average granite countertop fabrication job produces 200 to 400 pounds of scrap material.  In most cases, this waste ends up in the dumpster and ultimately the landfill. This translates into millions of pounds of granite waste material in local landfills each year.

Greenstone partners with countertop fabricators in the Atlanta area to collect and recycle their granite waste. Using their specialized manufacturing process, the recycled granite is die-cut into landscape pavers or tile, sorted by color and the pavers are given a foot-friendly texture. Their process does not involve crushing and reforming the granite. All of their products are cut from natural (solid) granite.

The remaining scrap material is then crushed into aggregate for roadbeds. Their process creates a beautiful, unique product with zero waste. Greenstone diverts on average over 100,000 lbs of granite scraps from local landfills each week!


Green Building Certification


Greenstone’s granite pavers and tile qualify for numerous LEED and Earthcraft points due to the fact that they manufacture their products here in the United States and do so using recycled materials. If you are working on a sustainable design or working toward LEED or Earthcraft status, Greenstone can help.

Greenstone can help earn LEED points in the following ways:


  • Materials and Resources- GREENSTONE Products are made from 100% post industrial waste (Recycled Content)
  • Regional Materials- Their product is manufactured within 500 miles of your job site.
  • Indoor Environmental QualiLow-Emittingting Materials
  • Sustainable Sites- Light Pollution Reduction when using their light color blend
  • Construction Waste Management- Greenstone has a recycle program that if a consumer sends unused or discarded granite, they will recycle or repurpose the material.

Feel good about your choice knowing every 100 square feet of Greenstone Pavers you install will divert over 1,800 pounds of granite countertop waste from local landfills!

Fire Pit Kits

Greenstone Granite Fire Pits are the perfect addition to your outdoor living space. The calm, warm feeling of a fire pit will create the perfect setting for your family gatherings and entertainment all year round.

Each handcrafted granite firepit is one of a kind and will never crack or fade. Their stylish fire pit kits are available in a variety of sizes and color blends. Greenstone fire pits do not require any mortar or cutting and can be installed in as little as 20 minutes.

Granite Pavers

Greenstone offers a variety of outdoor pavers that can help you create an eye-catching walkway, patio or feature wall. Their granite pavers are available in a number of sizes and vibrant color blends to help you add the right personality and charm to your outdoor living space.

And, in addition to style, Greenstone granite pavers are strong, durable and environmentally friendly, insuring your patio or walkway will stand the test of time.

Granite Flagstone

Greenstone granite flagstone consists of irregular shaped pieces of natural granite used for outdoor patios, walkways, pool decks and even wall veneer. It’s durable non-slip surface and rich earth tones make it a popular stone choice for outdoor living areas. Custom sizes, color blends and tumbled finish are available by special order.

Split Face Stone Veneer

Greenstone Split Face Stone Veneer can enhance the aesthetic design of nearly any surface with its variety of rich natural colors and textures. Their granite and marble split face tiles can be utilized for interior or exterior wall cladding such as kitchen backsplash, accent walls, fireplace surrounds and shower walls.

Visit Greenstone to see their full line of zero waste granite products.