Consumer Reports released a homeowners’ guide for updating bathrooms with tips on everything from picking materials to maximizing the return on your investment. And many of the tips also happen to be great opportunities to make your home a little more eco-friendly.

Shower Or Whirlpool Bath?

Delta Low-Flow Showerhead
A few years ago, no bathroom renovation would have been complete without a massive jacuzzi tub. But many homeowners found they simply weren’t using them very much, so the current trend is focusing on luxurious showers. From an investment perspective, it’s a good idea to keep at least one tub in a home (for future owners with small children, pets, etc.), but a spacious step-in shower will appeal to everyone. And by integrating a quality low-flow showerhead, a homeowner will add luxury and reduce water use, saving a bundle of money in the process.

Bathroom Skylights

Solatube Skylight
Bathrooms may be located in the interior of the home where windows aren’t an option, but nothing beats natural light for getting ready in the morning, so consider a skylight. Natural daylight isn’t just great quality illumination, it also doesn’t require a single watt of electricity. And with a channeled light tube like the Solatube, even bathrooms on lower floors can enjoy the natural glow of a skylight.

Pick The Right Bathroom Floor

Cork Flooring For Bathrooms
Moisture is a huge issue in bathrooms, but traditional tile can be cold and hard on bare feet. A less-common alternative that addresses these shortcomings is specially treated cork flooring designed specifically for wet areas like bathrooms. VersaCork offers the warmth and resilience of cork tiles, but it’s completely sealed with a polyurethane finish. Water won’t damage the cork, and the lack of exposed grout makes cleaning far easier.

Read the entire Consumer Reports Bathroom Remodeling Guide.


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