Green home building is growing at an incredibly fast rate. According to the National Association of Home Builders’ report, Green and Healthier Homes: Engaging Consumers of All Ages in Sustainable Living: nearly one-third of home builders report that they are currently doing more than 60% of their projects green, and over half expect to be doing that level of green work by 2020.

The U.S. Green Building Council claims that “more than half of consumers rank green and energy-efficiency as top requirements for their next homes.” Sound like you? You’re not alone in your search to buy an environmentally-friendly home. Luckily, with the growing demand for these types of homes, there are now websites dedicated to helping you in your search for finding your dream green home. Read on to learn about eco-friendly home search sites and find your dream green home!

Realty Sage

This is one of the largest and most comprehensive sites for eco and energy-efficient home listings, averaging approximately 4,000 active listings nationwide. Want to know more specifics about your dream home? Realty Sage tracks prized home features such as LEED-certified, EnergyStar, solar, net-zero, and more. In addition, the homes are rated with a custom Sage Score to help evaluate eco-friendly, healthy, cost savings, resale value, low maintenance, quality, and comfort. On Realty Sage, you’ll find homes with a variety of Sage Scores and a variety of price ranges.

Green Homes For Sale

Green Homes For Sale has a huge and varied listing of green and energy-efficient homes, conveniently sorted by category. Use the categories list on the left of the page to browse: energy-efficient homes, adobe homes, Earthship homes, green pre-fab homes, off-the-grid homes, solar homes, straw bale homes, LEED homes, and many more. Or, use the search function to find a home of specific size or location.

Sotheby’s International Realty

While Sotheby’s is not a strictly green real estate company, they have a great eco-friendly filter that features homes demonstrating eco-extravagance at its finest. Narrow your search down to homes with stunning luxury features such as private lakes, oceanfront locales, mountain views, indoor pools, and even private airports! While many of these incredible homes are priced in the millions, there are still plenty of more affordably-priced homes listed, as well.

Tiny House Listings

If you’re specifically seeking a tiny home (typically 180 square ft. or less), Tiny House Listings is perfect for you. Use this site to find tiny house builders in your area, as well as already-built tiny homes for sale or for rent. In addition, you can choose whether you’d like your home to be stationary or on-wheels. The interactive map gives a great overview of where the tiny homes are located and will help you mentally map out which options would be best for you.

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