Before & After: Eco-Friendly Bathroom with a Zen Aesthetic

Before & After: Eco-Friendly Bathroom with a Zen Aesthetic

EcoArtisan Builders, based in San Diego, California, renovated this 1920’s bathroom in Point Loma giving it a calm, Zen aesthetic at the homeowner’s request.

What made this bathroom renovation more eco-friendly than most?

  • They repurposed and reused materials wherever possible to reduce the resources necessary to complete the project.
  • They used ‘Plyboo’ bamboo plywood for the cabinetry. ‘Plyboo’ is an engineered wood product made from bamboo. The company is Forest Stewardship Council® certified and soy-based formaldehyde-free binders.
  • They chose a bamboo textile area rug.
  • The vanity is also bamboo plywood. Quick fact: bamboo is considered a rapidly renewable resource because it can grow three times faster than trees. Some species can grow up to 3 feet in just 24 hours.

They write, “the resulting ‘greening of the green bathroom’ was a balance of incorporating modern materials in a way that is respectful of the original design.”

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EcoArtisan Builders combines creative design and green building technologies to create beautiful and elegant homes that are in harmony with their surroundings and that minimize their impact on the environment. They produce ingenious, ecological results for projects of any size or style. Their projects are sensitively sited with optimized interior space. They choose and inventively employ healthy and sustainable materials that are precisely suited to their purpose.


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