As Washington State’s largest installer of in-floor heating systems over the years, Janes Radiant now specializes in customizing radiant heat kits for the small contractors or do-it-yourself homeowners across the nation. With over 20 years in the business, they have perfected their understanding of radiant heating systems to bring you simple, effective heating packages that you can install yourself, right out of the box. They have planned installations for all sorts of applications; from quaint homes to commercial buildings, from large areas to small spaces. No matter the scale of your vision, they are here to help with anything you might need for your specific project.

Whether you are a Do-it-Yourselfer ready to tackle the next home-improvement project, or an experienced contractor looking for a simple and reliable heating solution, Janes Radiant can be your single source for all things radiant heat. They provide knowledgeable consultation, expert planning/customization of kits, and excellent support for their customers.


Janes Radiant is the premiere solution for Do-It-Yourself homeowners and contractors who want to install in-floor heating as cost effectively as possible. Without cutting corners, they can help you choose the most practical radiant kit or system to provide you and your space with the best, most comfortable kind of heat, After years of installing thousands of systems throughout the northwest, their team is ready to provide all the assistance necessary for you to complete your own installation without worry. Talk to Janes Radiant about getting your project started today- they are here to make your DIY in-floor heat installation project simple and successful. In-Floor Heating works well heating spaces of all size and use; large warehouses to tiny bathrooms, lavish homes to well-used workshops. Their do-it-yourself kits can be installed and utilized in all sorts of spaces with all sorts of materials: concrete, hardwood, tile, etc. Whether you choose their hot water or their electric radiant heating kits, there is a Janes Radiant package for you.


Geothermal sourcing can be the most energy-efficient, cost-efficient, and environmentally clean method for heating and cooling your home. As geothermal heat pumps have become increasingly popular with homeowners around North America, they’ve developed a system that makes it easy for homeowners to save up to 50 percent on their installation costs, with a pre-assembled and custom-designed package that’s easy to install yourself.

Geothermal system design is critical to its success.  Janes Company complete packages take the guesswork out of your system. Their IGSHPA-certified, experienced team will design your layout, select the right equipment for your project, and supply the components for you to install. They stand behind their products and choose elements that are assured to do the best job for their customers. They will ship to any project, and provide a comprehensive instruction manual and coaching guidance for your installation.

Whether you live in a heating-priority or a cooling-priority climate, the Janes Company can provide a radiant, or airflow, system that will meet your needs. In some areas, like the Pacific Northwest, heating-only systems are common, and their geothermal radiant heating packages are a perfect fit. In other areas, like the Midwest and Northeast, and Southern states, there are increasingly higher demands for cooling. Their hydronic cooling options work seamlessly with infloor heating, or you may prefer one of their geothermal airflow packages.  All of these are options when you choose a Janes Company geothermal system.

By creating your geothermal system with the Janes Company, you’ll have the most comfortable, healthy, and efficient living environment possible in your home.  And with the 30 percent Federal Geothermal Tax Credit, the payback on your investment can be a short 4-8 years. This payback can be even shorter with various state and local incentives as well.


Janes’ Radiant Heat Solutions

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