Environmentally-friendly doors and windows

LaCantina Doors supports green design and is a proud member of the US Green Building Council. From offering FSC-certified wood, to utilizing energy efficient NFRC rated glass, to using recycled packaging and materials, to offering LEED certification, LaCantina Doors is committed to green build practices, sustainability and responsible stewardship.

natural daylighting

A signature feature of our LaCantina Doors is the 3 5/8” narrow stile and rail profile. Allowing for more glass and light, our door system is a good passive heat source and minimizes use of electricity for daytime lighting.

energy efficient

All LaCantina Doors come standard with dual-paned tempered glass, creating an insulating barrier between the inside and out. LaCantina offers advanced low-e glass options to help reduce cooling costs in the summer and heating costs in the winter.

fresh-air ventilation

A critical aspect of Green Design, involves the indoor air quality for healthy living environments. LaCantina Doors open up areas typically blocked by walls, and aid in whole house air circulation, bringing clean and fresh air into any structure.

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