by Eric Thomas,

How do people interested in building a zero-energy home get started? The process usually begins with a lot of online research. Over the course of building two net-zero homes, we’ve read a lot, learned a ton, and gathered a lot of resources. Below are some of the top websites and online resources for homeowners and building professionals looking to expand their knowledge of zero-energy building. Enjoy!

Zero-Energy Home Builders

Zero-Energy Home Designers and Architects

Zero-Energy Home Directories

Zero-Energy Home Projects and Blogs

Zero-Energy House Video Resources

Definitions of Net-Zero

Case Studies

Award-Winning Zero-Energy Homes

Home Tours

Prefab Zero-Energy Homes

Net-Zero Certification Programs

This list is a little bit scrappy and definitely incomplete, but we hope it provides you with plenty of inspiration and information as you tackle your own green building project.


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