WindStream Technologies, Inc. was established in 2008 with the goal of designing and manufacturing affordable and scalable renewable energy technologies for a global marketplace.  The company has developed and tested the first-of-its-kind, integrated, hybrid energy solution and is now marketing and selling SolarMills® to a worldwide customer base.



Why SolarMill® versus Solar Only?

The SolarMill generates

  • Daytime energy from the sun and wind
  • Night time energy from the wind
  • Higher energy production on cloudy days
  • Better daytime energy peaks
  • More total energy!

The SolarMill 1-3P includes:

  • 3 Wind turbines (One Mill)
  • 3 High-Efficiency Solar Panels (255w/305w)
  • One Grid Tied Micro/Mini Inverter


Performance Advantages

  • Roof-top wind & solar hybrid energy system.
  • 24-hour power production capability.
  • Very high renewable energy density per square foot.
  • Scalable power generation with hybrid or solar.
  • Power generation starting at 2m/s (4.5mph) wind speed.
  • Mechanical braking at high-speed winds beyond 18.5m/s (41mph).
  • Offsets peak energy pricing.
  • Easily integrates with backup battery storage systems.
  • Optional online energy monitoring for inverter, panels, and wind systems.
  • No complicated masts, guy wires, or towers


  • Three Low profile Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWT).
  • Silent operation & environmentally friendly.
  • Integrated Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT).
  • Minimal running maintenance required.
  • Temperature sensing electronics for thermal protection.
  • Withstand temperature ranges from -30°C to 50°C (-22°F to 122°F)

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