Water Goes in, power comes out

The PowerSpout is the latest micro hydro generator from EcoInnovation New Zealand. It is a custom made Pelton turbine attached to a reconnected Fisher and Paykel Smart Drive generator via a robust bearing assembly, all in a weatherproof casing to create consistent renewable electricity.

For anyone with flowing water, the affordability and major returns from the PowerSpout make it a no-brainer.

Even a small stream can generate consistent, clean, dam free, renewable electricity at a price per Watt lower than solar or wind.  The small (18 inches wide), all-weather PowerSpout PLT is one of the most reliable, cost-effective generators around because they have spent a decade making micro-hydro efficient and affordable.

A single PowerSpout at a site good enough to generate 1kW can produce enough electricity for a typical house for a year (>8,000 kWh/yr). 

PowerSpout Features:

  • Clean, renewable energy
  • Reliable and secure power
  • Sustainable manufacturing
  • 3-year warranty
  • Recycled packaging and components
  • Low-cost spare parts

Raving Reviews

The new hydro system that has just been installed at the hut on Anchor Island……… it is running like a dream, producing 9 amps of power. We had quite a bit of fun playing with different sized nozzles in order to find which provided the most power and found it very straightforward to get in and out to change the nozzles over. It’s really the backbone of our power supply on the island and as long as it rains fairly frequently as it usually does in Fiordland, very reliable and very much appreciated!

– Sarah Kivi, Kakapo Ranger, DOC, Anchor Island, New Zealand

I bought my turbines from Greentech in TN, USA about 2 years ago. I’m very pleased with the turbines! Your rating estimate was 2.8kw, but I’m getting closer to 3kW… excellent! I’ve shown off my system to many folks. Thank you…

– P. Morrison, USA

We got our turbine up and running four days ago. What a blessing, it runs like a dream! We are getting a bit more power than I thought we would get, on average it is putting out between 17 and 19 amps into the batteries. We are very pleased we have not had to run the generator since we installed it, what a feeling knowing when you go to bed the batteries are getting charged.

– Simon, New Zealand

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