Mbrico Tile Decks: Peacefully Green

When assessing the “eco-friendliness” of a product there are multiple factors that must be considered. The raw materials and components that make up a product are profoundly important to consider as well as the manufacturing process and lifespan.

From the control of emissions to the recycling of waste from the manufacturing process, Mbrico’s approach has always been based on strict ethical principles designed to effectively safeguard our habitat, in order to improve our own quality of life and in particular that of generations to come.

The Mbrico Advantage

  • Numerous certifications obtained by the Italian porcelain stoneware used by Mbrico, including Eco-label.
  • All the tile component collections offered by Mbrico are LEED compliant and in line with the IPPC directive.
  • Compliance with a series of stringent requisites and the use of the finest techniques available for industrial processes.

Mbrico believes that designing quality floors and coverings must not disregard protection of the environment. Therefore, the company has invested heavily in researching, developing new products and using components in line with American and International ecological parameters.

The Italian porcelain tiles used on Mbrico surfaces contain no waterproofing chemicals, varnishes or resins and do not give off any gases even when exposed to flames. Unlike some types of natural stone, Mbrico tile components do not release Radon or other radioactive gases and it is not polished using lead. It is completely environmentally friendly.

Mbrico tiles offer some unique advantages as compared to the rest of the flooring materials industry


  • Frost resistant – Reduced water absorption (only 0.05%) means no susceptibility to damage at low temps.
  • Chromatic stability – Color remains unchanged over time.
  • High breakage load – Every slab can bear a load of up to 1000kg.
  • Easy to clean – The surface suffers no damage even with high-pressure washers.
  • Resistant to molds, moss and verdigris – Mbrico tiles are an inhospitable surface for any form of growth.
  • Easy to install – Squared and single work-size.
  • Resistant to stains – Mbrico surfaces remain unaltered over time.
  • Anti-slip – Deck surfaces are naturally anti-slip.

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