How Solar Attic Fans work

The Dynamic of Attic Ventilation and Temperature Inversion

Temperature inversion occurs when the heat of the day is replaced by the damp evening air. Have you ever opened your attic access and been greeted with that blast of incredibly hot air? That’s “oppression” and it’s responsible for keeping every home 15 degrees hotter then necessary. In addition, it’s the primary cause for most mold and mildew problems found in homes today. Solar Attic Fans are the only proactive solution to both these problems.

Attic Ventilation

Solar Attic Fans are on at dawn, exchanging the night air before the heat of the day ever hits. Then the SDF-20 keeps temperatures lower by exchanging the air of the attic with cooler exterior ambient air fast enough that heat gain never gets established. By keeping the attic air cooler, less heat can be conducted by the ceiling, which is the primary cause of heat gain within the house interior. In addition, it’s also going to increase the life of your roofing, as well as anything you may have in your attic space.

Direct Ventilation with No AC

In applications where heat gain is a problem and AC is not a viable option, this fan can do dramatic things. In houses with cathedral ceilings, it can reduce interior temperatures by directly venting this oppression from the upper part of any room, it allows for natural ventilation through doors and windows. It can do the same thing with a flexible duct and a grill for a “hot room”. Typically, most homes without central AC have a room generally located on the south side of the home that becomes almost unbearable throughout the afternoon. By drawing that heat out Solar Attic Fan actually draws the cooler air from other parts of the house toward it. The same concept works very well with 2-story homes, by getting the oppression out it allows the cooler air to circulate more freely. Home owners that do rely on AC will realize increased significant savings.


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Super Cyclone are built tough

Their products have been in service since 1992. In that time they have sold over 80,000 fans, in the field, still operable, enduring real-world testing, everyday. Their products are engineered with some of the very best materials available and are purpose built, there are real reasons for why they are, the way they are. Their stainless steel internals are designed to hold up to the harshest climates on this planet. Don’t be fooled by their Korad coated ABS housing, its UV and corrosion resistant, certified to withstand 140 mph winds and it won’t resonate sound.


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