Solar batteries plus energy management plus emergency power

By Arnaldo Perez-Negron

Looking for a smart and efficient battery for your solar panels? Sonnen’s eco-Linx solar battery storage solution is perfect for those who want to be prepared for power outages and who want to make the most of clean, renewable energy.


To start, the ecoLinx system is a scalable and safe home battery solution that can be used in off-grid or grid-tied homes. It’s specified in 2 kWh increments, up to 20 kWh, plus a 30 kWh unit for larger and tech-centric households. Correct sizing ensures that that the system will meet your specific needs for occasional backup power and daily use for power in the evenings. Plus it’s an investment in long-term reliability. This solar battery storage solution has an industry-leading 15-year or 15,000-cycle product warranty with an expected lifetime energy throughput of 248 MWh.

tablet in darkened room displaing my sonnen app


Further, the ecoLinx Battery is not only a solar battery storage solution for your home, but a renewable energy management system that adapts to your lifestyle. It integrates with leading home automation platforms for the ultimate smart home solution. With the my Sonnen App and customer dashboard, you have complete control over your energy usage.

Sonnen: For Peace of Mind

Many consumers don’t know that solar panels alone will not power your home during a grid outage—no matter how brightly the sun is shining. You need a battery to provide backup power from a solar array.  Sonnen’s ecoLinx Battery has the ability to switch automatically to emergency backup power during brief outages. And if there’s a potential storm, fire, or other emergency on the horizon, switch to backup mode to ensure that a full charge is available. With this battery, you can have the comfort of knowing your energy usage will adjust to maximize comfort.

Sonnen ecoLinx solar battery sorage solution inside white garage


This solar battery storage system is eligible for state and local incentives, as well as the Federal Incentive Tax Credit. You may receive up to 26% of the installed cost of this home battery back in the form of a tax credit.

sonnen ecoLinx product photo


The ecoLinx battery can help you reduce your carbon footprint by maximizing your use of the sun’s generosity. Eco-conscious homeowners can integrate their solar energy production with leading home automation platforms and controllable breakers. In these days of tech-intensive households, you can still have peace of mind. You’re prepared for an outage, knowing that you’re doing your part to reduce emissions in your region and helping to preserve our planet with solar power.