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As sure as the sun shines …

Radiant heating systems warm us the same way nature does. Radiant heat is something we are all familiar with. Think of the way the world is warmed – a direct transference of heat from the sun to the Earth, without fans, pumps or hoses. Silent, motionless and invisible.

A Therma-Ray environment works exactly the same way. Unlike conventional heating, their system automatically warms people and objects first, not the air. Just like the sun does: naturally and efficiently. And that’s what makes Therma-Ray so smart.

Heat travels in straight lines, just as light does. However, heat travels naturally from warmer objects to cooler objects because cool objects act like a magnet to the warmth.

Thema-Ray’s Thermal Comfort System generates this type of heat. Warmth is radiated directly to the cooler objects in a room, like walls, floors, furniture, and people. Efficiently and effectively.

A direct transference of heat from object to object

To demonstrate, think of a crisp spring day. The air is cool and so are you. When the sun pokes out from behind a cloud, instantly you’ll feel that warmth. The sun is a radiant heater and you instantly feel its effects.

The air temperature hasn’t changed in that instant, but your sense of comfort has certainly increased. In a radiant heat environment, air temperature can be lower without affecting comfort. And that is more energy efficient which in turn saves you money.

Radiant Heating Industry Leadership since 1985

ThermaRay’s Radiant Heating Systems have been the smart choice for architects, engineers, developers, contractors, renovators, energy management consultants, and homeowners since 1985.

Their wide range of radiant heating system products provide elegant design solutions that save energy, are easy to install, and lower the total cost of ownership compared to any other heating system.

Wide Range of Radiant Heating System Products

Their Architectural Series Radiant Heating Systems, Earth Thermal Storage Radiant Heating Systems, Radiant Ceiling Heating Systems, Radiant Floor Heating Systems, and Radiant Floor Warming Systems provide a wide range of radiant heating solutions that can be customized to achieve your construction project goals and objectives.


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