Sustainable harvesting

Harvesting cork is a time-honored, sustainable tradition handed down generation to generation.

The harvesting and production of cork is not only sustainable, but it also serves to provide employment and economic purpose for many communities. Cork harvesting is an ancient tradition, using the same method for thousands of years. It is done by hand for two months a year – June and July – when a skilled cork harvester splits off the bark of a cork oak tree without damaging the rest of the tree. Each tree can live between 150 and 250 years, and is harvested every nine years – at least 15 times during its life. No other tree can support and flourish from this process, and cork tree harvesting actually improves the tree’s health and vigor. Furthermore, more than 100,000 individuals in the Western Mediterranean and Northern Africa regions depend on the cork industry for their livelihood.

After harvesting, the removed bark is dried in the sun, and handled differently depending on its use. Expanded Insulation Cork Board is produced from the natural cork granules which are steam-heated, causing the cork to expand. This activates suberin, a natural binder, thus requiring no added binders or chemicals during the production of insulation cork. Facade Cork is made in the same way, though utilizes different, and slightly superior, parts of the cork product for a smooth and more attractive appearance. Throughout the production process of both products, absolutely nothing is wasted. All waste is returned to the production process, making cork harvesting and production one of the most sustainable business practices on the planet.

Thermacork Decorative

ThermaCork Decorative makes for a wonderful accent piece as well as a statement about natural and renewable green material. It’s industrial Manufacturing process is 100% natural, requiring no additives or any kind of treatment. It’s an excellent thermal and acoustical insulation, and can work between (-) 180 degrees C to (+) 120 degrees C. ThermaCork Decorative can be designed, shaped and molded to your preference.

Why use ThermaCork?

ThermaCork is a 100% natural product that supports cork forests, which in turn host a wide range of plants and animals, support local economies, and help reverse planetary damage by absorbing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and avoiding soil desertification. Once produced, the finished product actually has a negative carbon footprint. The process of production, from harvest to production, is one of the most sustainable sustainable business practices on Earth.

ThermaCork insulation will drastically reduce energy consumption, and its energy saving qualities will last decades, far longer than most choices. This is due to cork’s high insulating range, stability, and its reduction of thermal bridging.

ThermaCork is incredibly stable and can cope with major thermal variations, between (-) 292 degrees F to (+) 248 degrees F. It’s hypoallergenic and free of all domestic toxins, all while preventing mold by its ability to “dry through” layers. It’s high on the insulating range (R-4 per inch), reduces thermal bridging, and its thermal resistance does not decrease over time like man-made foam. It has excellent sound isolation, is dimensionally stable, and resistant to compression.


Carbon-negative manufacturing process

ThermaCork is proud to offer a product manufactured so sustainably, the process is actually carbon-negative – so it helps the Earth instead of harming it.

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