Radiant Heating For Your Home

Experience the comfort of sun-like-warmth in your home and reduce your heating costs. These zone-controlled heaters allow you to heat only the rooms you’re using and most can be painted to match any decor.

With Heating Green, you can save money and increase comfort with easy-to-install, eco-friendly radiant heating solutions.

Types of heaters

1: Thermostat

Individually control the temperature of each zone

3: Cove

Takes up no useable space, great for spaces with high ceilings.

5: Infratech

Extend your time outside and use your patio year-round

2: baseboard

A great way to update your old, inefficient electric baseboards

4: SolaRay

Worlds thinnest heating panel. Low profile and can be painted, a great DIY project.

Popular heaters

Heating Green offers a variety of heaters to work with different types of spaces.

Ducoterra Heating Panel

– Mounts flat against ceiling
– Great for homes or apartments with drywall or wood ceilings
– Takes up no usable space
– 20 Year Warranty
– Made in U.S.A

Cove Heating Panel

– Ceramic element reaches temperature quickly
– Mounts directly to wall or ceiling, great for rooms with high, vaulted ceilings
– 10 Year Warranty
– Made in U.S.A

Radiant Baseboard Heater

– Ceramic element reaches temperature quickly
– Great for replacing old baseboard heaters
– Mounts directly to wall near the floor
– Heats people & objects directly
– Made in U.S.A

Infratech Deck & Patio Heater

– Safe for indoor & outdoor use
– Mounts directly to wall or ceiling
– Great for decks, patios, workshops, garages, etc.
– Heats up instantly
– Made in U.S.A

Visit heating green for more information about their radiant heating options.