Morsø gives you local warming — not global

Morsø wood-burning, cast-iron stoves are absolutely timeless and beautiful. But even more importantly than that, Morsø stoves offer numerous environmental benefits as well.


Wood-burning stoves are sustainable

Wood – unlike e.g. oil, coal or gas – can be reproduced by planting new trees to replace those cut down. The neutral CO2-cycle can therefore be maintained. Generation after generation. To bring the CO2 count completely down to zero, the wood, as mentioned above, must be burnt off as efficiently as possible. And this is where Morsø’s stoves score their first important points. Their many years of experience and constant development mean that, today, each and every one of the stoves are among the most efficient combustion systems in the world.

Safety is standard

Morsø’s wood-burning stoves meet some of the strictest environmental standards in the world. This mainly applies to Norwegian Standard NS 3058/3059, which sets out stringent requirements on minimising particle emissions. To highlight our environmental focus, the majority of Morsø’s stoves are, today, also certified to the Nordic Swan Eco-label. This not only focuses on minimising the stove’s impact on the environment when in operation, it also focuses on the impact on the environment caused by the actual production and choice of packaging etc.

Wood-burning stoves are eco-friendly

Wood has quite a special property when talking about CO2. As the tree grows, it absorbs and locks in enormous amounts of carbon dioxide as part of the photosynthesis process. Precisely the same amount of CO2 is released into the atmosphere, when the tree is felled and burnt. If burning-off takes place efficiently, the count adjusts downwardly, so we can say that wood is CO2-neutral and therefore a green energy source.

Variety of styles

  • Contemporary Stoves
  • Classic Stoves
  • Wall-Mounted
  • Inserts

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