Founded under the guiding principle of constant innovation, Solar Cynergy offers a wide spectrum of solar PV modules, inverters, charge controllers and solar LED accent lighting applications.

Solar Panels

Solar Cynergy photovoltaic modules are designed for commercial and domestic applications and suitable for both grid-tied and off grid systems. Solar Cynergy offers both high performance and reliability. The silicon solar cells, held by heavy duty anodized aluminum frames, are laminated with TPT & EVA for longer working life and high-efficiency output. An ideal power supply for boats, traffic signs, lights, pumps, vehicles, RVs, homes, camping and caravans.

Solar Cynergy 24 volt panels offer an efficient way to maintain your energy needs.  These solar panels are your best option for producing the highest-efficiency conversions. Solar Cynergy panels always come consumer ready to install. Installing 24-volt solar panels on your home has never been more affordable with government incentives.

Warranty: Output power of more than 90% of the minimum peak power within 10 years and more than 80% in 20 years is guaranteed.

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