Teragren Non-Toxic Bamboo Products for Your Home

Teragren Non-Toxic Bamboo Products for Your Home

Environmentally, socially, and economically responsible bamboo products

Teragren bamboo products bring beautiful flooring, veneers, panels and countertops to our homes while reducing dependence on dwindling timber resources. They’re sustainably sourced, promote green building, and are LEED compatible. Generations of builders worldwide have used bamboo for construction and for finishes and furnishings. Bamboo brings high tensile strength and is more resistant to moisture than hardwoods, offering an ideal sustainable alternative.

Teragren bamboo fooring in dining area, natural bambook aesthetic

Bamboo flooring

Teragren got its start with the PureForm line of solid bamboo flooring, offering lasting beauty and sustainability. The slim, narrow-plank design gives the natural aesthetic of traditional bamboo, authentic to the rapidly renewing Asian resource. Plus it is GREENGuard GOLD certified for low emissions and USDA certified biobased, which reduces our reliance on petroleum products and increases the use of renewable agricultural resources

The company’s Xcora brand strand bamboo flooring averages 160% harder than red oak, standing up to the highest-traffic areas in your home and offering a 25-year residential finish warranty. Solid narrow-plank, and then wide and ultra-wide engineered plank flooring feature easy tongue-and-groove installation and LEED points for low-emitting materials. The engineered products offer a longer-lasting wear layer thanks to the proprietary protective, low-sheen finish.

living room with marine view, fireplace, bamboo flooring, and modern furnishings

Panels & Veneer

For cabinetry, wall treatments, and more, Teragren building products utilize a rapidly renewing resource and the highest air-quality rating: the IAG certification complies with the California Special Environmental Requirements Specification 01350 to help you achieve a nontoxic home.

Teragren’s strand bamboo panels and veneers are ideal for any interior use where hardwood may traditionally be used. Xcora strand panels and veneer machine nicely, and finish cleanly. Choose from a selection of hardwood-lookalike grain patterns that offer increased durability and low environmental impact. Xcora panels are manufactured with a combination urea formaldehyde-free adhesive.

The Pureform bamboo panels and veneers offer a clean look suited for simple, modern interiors. Choose horizontal and vertical grain patterns in four warm, classic colors. Sustainbility-focused homeowners can conspicuously replace hardwoods with beautiful bamboo, constructed with formaldehyde-free or ultra–low-emitting formaldehyde adhesive. These products are all furniture-grade: 40% harder than oak.

Tranditional bamboo cabinets from Terafren

Bamboo countertops

Teragren manufactures bamboo countertops and table tops to industry-leading standards for quality and environmental safety. These furniture-grade products are made with rapidly renewable Moso bamboo—perfect for all types of tables, as well as kitchen counters and islands.

Beautiful edge-grain countertops are made with a urea formaldehyde-free adhesive and are naturally bacteria-resistant. Harvesting the bamboo at peak density creates a harder-than-maple surface, which can be finished with mineral oil or beeswax for a food-safe surface. Elemental Green is proud to showcase a bamboo island countertop from Teragren in our #EcoRenovate kitchen. For a different look, check out the the butcher block pattern, which offers the same food prep safety in a striking parquet style.

The strand bamboo surface is so hard that it is not recommended as a cutting surface. It can be used on tabletops, desktops, or wherever traditional, old-growth hardwoods might be suitable.

Teragren bamboo countertop in kitchen


Visit Teragren to see their full line of eco-friendly bamboo products.


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